During the fourth season of Attack of the Giants, we switched from the Eldian to the Marleyan front. Years after Shiganshina's defeat, the Armored Giant and the others have resumed their military lives and are fighting for their homeland across the world. This phase served to deepen many of these characters.

Reiner got a lot of little things, but there is also an old character De The attack of the giants first appeared in the second season and that was the focus of the action. Zeke Jaeger, Eren's older half-brother, has staged a bold and controversial plan. On the other hand, Zeke played a central role in the episodes of the first part of the fourth season.

At one point, however, we discover a part of his past that has always remained unknown and mysterious. In fact, we find that Zeke had developed a deep bond with Xaver, the former owner of the Giant Beast, and developed a passion for baseball thanks to him. The Zeke Jaeger Cosplay from Eugene shows us the giant blonde in his adult version, but with gloves and ball ready to throw a few more throws with his stepfather.

In the next part of The Attack of the Giants we will know what Zeke's fate was.

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