After The Seven Deadly Sins, the mangaka Nakaba Suzuki started in 2021 with the continuation of the opera, that is Four knights of the apocalypse. After nearly 40 chapters published in the magazine, a Four Knights of Apocalypse anime was also announced, which indicates a good success of the manga.

Set several years after the events of The seven deadly sins, Four Knights of Apocalypse tells the story of Percival, a young man destined to become one of the four knights who will begin the Apocalypse. Will Four Knights of Apocalypse be able to gain its part of the public at the end of its debut year?

According to a graphic posted on Twitter by @Josu_ke, the work has taken some Decline in sales from the first volume to the last, that's the fourth. The first Tankobon in the series actually sold nearly 120,000 copies, with excellent results in the first two weeks. The second volume posted sales totaling more than 100,000 copies, while the third and fourth volumes sold just over 90,000 and 80,000 copies, respectively.

What could be the cause of the decline? Keep in mind that Four Knights of Apocalypse is the direct sequel to a hugely popular work, so curiosity sparked readers to give Suzuki's new manga a shot. A decline in sales is considered normal for this type of manga, but reaching the fourth volume with 80,000 units presented to the public is certainly a symptom of a work that has impressed and intrigued readers.

The final chapters of Four Knights of Apocalypse were full of surprises, with twists and turns of Nakaba Suzuki which fans literally taped to the pages of the manga. Who knows that with the next volumes in Tankobon format, the number of copies sold may not increase any more.

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