In Japan there are numerous magazines and associations that deal with the selection of the best manga of the year. Given the Japanese phenomenon, there are several prizes. But even overseas you don't mess with comics, with them famous Eisner Prize who has a department devoted exclusively to Asian jobs.

Comic-Con International has all the nominations for the Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards 2021 in the last few hours. The following names were given in the "Best USA Edition of International Works - Asia" category:

  • I Had the Same Dream Again by Yoru Sumino and Idumi Kirihara;
  • Yukari Takinamis I wish I could say "thank you";
  • Jiro Taniguchi's A Journal of My Father;
  • Table tennis by Taiyo Matsumoto;
  • Remina by Junji Ito;
  • Spy x family of Tatsuya Endo.

Six names in which internationally renowned authors stand out, such as the late Jiro Taniguchi, the master of horror Junji Ito and the well-known Taiyo Matsumoto with one of his most famous masterpieces. Between Fresher and more up-to-date titles stand out Spy x Family, nominated again for an award. Also on the list is the new work by Yoru Sumino, the author of I Want to Eat Your Pancreas. Will Spy x Family win another award?

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