The twist with which Toyotaro and Toriyama have the last date of Dragonball Super The community discussed a lot about changing the character of one of the most popular characters in the vast narrative universe in which Goku and his companions operate, namely Bardock.

Therefore, based on the intervention of Monaito, the authors decided to open chapter 77 of Dragon Ball Super. available on the website and in the Manga Plus application, with a flashback that takes readers 40 years back in time. During a night of a full moon, the Saiyans invade the planet Grain, inhabited by both the Ceruleans and the Nameks.

The arrival of the iconic spherical ships of the warrior race marked the beginning of death and destruction. Fortunately, Monaito manages to survive and inherits the two Dragon Balls from the sage Namekian, which Granolah will use decades later to become the strongest in the universe. While in an oozaru with a scar on the face identifies a sky blue child and decides to follow him.

One of the surviving natives realizes that the Saiyajin's transformation into a monkey depends on the moon and decides to meet with it in order to destroy it. The attempt succeeds, but as soon as he tries to mock the intruders, who have returned to their normal form, he is brutally killed. The scene returns to the church where little Granolah is hiding with his mother muesliwho manages to meet Goku's father.

Bardock himself, who thinks back to a conversation with Gine, remembers the moment when he chose the name Kakarotto for the protagonist. Shortly afterwards, we see that Leek informs him of Freeza's imminent arrival, but promptly Baddack replies that he wants to check one last time, tried to take time to save Granolah, passed out from fear and her mother passed out.

Through the scouter, he finds Monaito in an apartment, where he protects the two Ceruleans. It's not clear why he made such a gesture, probably because of the feelings he felt about being apart from his family. After a series of unfortunate circumstances, the three survivors are discovered by the Heeter, who went there to negotiate with Freezer in order to betray him. Baddack tries to do a sudden farce, however Elec provokes him and kills cereal if he doesn't believe his intentions.

Back in the present, Monaito asks the protagonists if they have ever heard of Bardock and Vegeta confirms that he knows him and admits that it is Goku's father. The chapter ends with the Heeter, closer and closer to the second sphere of the dragon of the grain.

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