As the calendar marks the 40th anniversary of the Dragon Ball manga, fans also commemorate the 28th year since the advent of Dragon Ball GT. This series, a brainchild of TOEI Animation, sought to extend Akira Toriyama's phenomenal tale. Decades have elapsed since its inception, prompting a pivotal inquiry: Does Dragon Ball GT merit viewership in the current era?

It was on February 7, 1996, that Dragon Ball GT made its inaugural appearance on Japanese television. An entirely novel creation by TOEI and Bird Studio, it was an endeavor to perpetuate the Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z legacy.

Prior to the emergence of Dragon Ball Super, GT stood as the solitary official narrative propelling Goku's legacy forward. The decision to watch it was, in essence, a given. Presently, an array of projects exists, such as Dragon Ball Super, the forthcoming Dragon Ball Daima - incidentally, do you perceive Daima as a Dragon Ball GT doppelgänger? - and the unique Super Dragon Ball Heroes. Thus, the question arises naturally. Is Dragon Ball GT still relevant today, or should aficionados steer clear?

While debates on the canonicity of Dragon Ball GT persist, the anime continues to evoke profound emotions to this day, not solely due to nostalgia. Dragon Ball GT stands as a polarizing entity among viewers, yet it boasts genuinely compelling elements. Consider, for instance, the intriguing decision to revert Goku to childhood—a concept so captivating it was revisited three decades later.

Add to this well-crafted antagonists like Baby, the dark Dragon Ball narrative, the iconic Super Saiyan 4 (can you believe Super Saiyan 4 from Dragon Ball GT is 27 years old?), and the legendary Italian opening by Giorgio Vanni alongside the epic original Japanese theme. Nearly three decades post-debut, enthusiasts of the series cannot overlook Dragon Ball GT, which remains the sole sequel to the conclusion of Dragon Ball Z.

Reflecting on the journey from its controversial beginnings to its current standing in the Dragon Ball saga, GT has carved its unique niche. It's a testament to the enduring allure of the Dragon Ball universe, where each iteration, whether aligned with the original canon or not, contributes to the expansive mythos that has captivated audiences worldwide. In the end, Dragon Ball GT, with its distinctive flavor and contributions, continues to be a chapter worth exploring for any true devotee of Goku's enduring adventures.

As we circle back to the inception of this discourse, it's evident that Dragon Ball GT, despite its divisive reception, has secured a place in the hearts of many. It's a piece of the Dragon Ball tapestry that offers a different hue to the overall picture. Whether it's a trip down memory lane or a fresh discovery, the series beckons to be experienced. Share this journey with friends, and let the spirit of Dragon Ball GT ignite conversations and debates, as it has done for nearly three decades.

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