The unveiling of Dragon Ball Daima marks a pinnacle of anticipation in 2024. As of now, details about TOEI Animation's fresh anime series remain shrouded in mystery. With Goku and companions reverted to youth by demonic forces, the question looms: how will they engage in battle under such enchantments?

The latest Dragon Ball Daima trailer has been a nostalgic resurgence, a plunge into the past reminiscent of Goku's initial escapades. It targets to immerse new-generation fans in the carefree tones of the original series. Yet, it's clear that Dragon Ball Daima will not skimp on action.

Promotional snippets have showcased Goku leaping into fray, undeterred by his juvenile form. But the burning query remains: what transformations, if any, will unfold in Dragon Ball Daima?

From what's known, Dragon Ball Daima is set in the timeline between the aftermath of the Majin Bu saga and the dawn of the Battle of Gods. The presence of Kibito and Shin hints at a prelude to the Tournament of Power, their separation likely a result of the demonic curse. If Dragon Ball Daima is indeed a precursor to the aforementioned film, then divine transformations such as Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan Blue might be non-existent, along with special states like Ultra Instinct, Ultra Ego, or Gohan Beast.

In Dragon Ball GT, Goku could morph into a Super Saiyan, yet Dragon Ball Daima may chart a different course. Should this new anime endeavor to echo the original series, rather than Z or Super, TOEI might aim to scale down the Z Fighters, focusing on martial prowess over energy blasts and ki.

Another possibility is the introduction of novel transformations in Dragon Ball Daima. Fans dream of witnessing Super Saiyan 4 in Daima, but this may remain a dream. Perhaps TOEI will astonish us with an exclusive form for the youthful Goku! What transformation do you yearn to see in Daima?

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