Via his official Twitter account, the artist Mosukonbu informs that he will be responsible for the manga adaptation of the light novels written by Seiju Amano and illustrated by Nanami Narumi, Class No. Daikirai na Joshi to Kekkon Suru Koto ni Natta. The customization will debut across the service Shonen Ace Plus at an unknown time.

On the other hand, Amano and Narumi started publishing the light novels through the publishing label MF Bunko J. in December 2020. The publisher Kadokawa released the second volume in April 2021 and will release the third volume in August 2021 in Japan. It should be noted that these novels already had a comicalization that was posted via YouTube videos where Moskonbu He was responsible for the drawing.

Synopsis of Class No. Daikirai na Joshi to Kekkon Suru Koto ni Natta

[Latinizaciones no confirmadas] The student Saito Hojo married his classmate Akane Sakuramori, who is his worst enemy at school. “If you tell the rest of the class we’re married, I’ll kill you”, “I don’t want them to know either. There is no benefit from it, ”they argued about it.

Newly married life is not going very well as they are in constant struggles all the time. However, as they evolve in their daily lives, the distance between them decreases as they spend time together and begin to understand each other. Saito discovers Akane’s cute face that he had never paid attention to before, while Akane gradually begins to discover the feelings that were always there. The heartwarming newlywed life of two people who are not honest with themselves has begun!

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