Though still not much talked about in the West Chainsaw manAt home, Weekly Shonen Jump's dark work is more than moderately successful, as the latest data on the edition of the manga show in particular. Strange indeed, the magazine's sensational announcement regarding the show's climax.

For those who don't know, Jump usually reserves the right to announce the climax towards the end of a manga, and it was this awareness that immediately sparked fan speculation on the subjectupcoming end of Chainsaw Man. As if that wasn't enough, the magazine has reserved the main color page for the next issue, which may or may not definitely confirm the hypothesis in question.

In any case, it cannot be ruled out that the word climax can mean the beginning of the last manga saga or possibly the end of the current narrative arc in order to begin a new one immediately afterwards. Indeed, it remains true that it seems unlikely Shueisha Miss out on one of the magazine's most promising titles that is still a long way from peaking, largely thanks to the lack of an animated adaptation that continues to drive sales of the manga.

So we just have to wait until next week to get more news on this topic. In the meantime, we remind you that Chainsaw Man is also arriving in Italy. The summary of the story follows: "Denji is a very poor boy and extremely in debt until he even sells some parts of his body to pay off his debts. Unexpectedly, Denji finds a way to repay his debt through a simple and disturbing solution ... to kill demons together his loyal chainsaw dog. "

What do you think the term "climax" means on this special occasion? Let us know what you think about this with a comment below.

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