We are finally here, the long-awaited moment has finally come. After the defeat of some interiors and outsiders, the Kara organization is getting serious this time. Jigen, the leader of the criminal group, is on the lookout for the coveted Receptacle. The fight begins in Boruto: Naruto the Next Generations 203

This week's episode is just the prelude to what will happen in the future of the animated series, a future that manga readers have been enjoying for some time. The episode 203 of Boruto actually adapts that Events of Chapter 36 and the opening pages of Chapter 37 of the paper work.

After Sasuke's investigation in Boruto 202, Jigen decided not to stir the bushes and take action. Pushing out of Kawaki's karma seal, the leader of the Kara suddenly appears in the Uzumaki house, where the seventh Hokage is waiting for him. Determined not to let go of his new student, Naruto stands between the vessel and jigen, but the opponent seems far more powerful than anyone else you have met so far.

The Hokage is knocked down and pinned down by a skill, but rescued by Kawaki, whose karma suddenly seems to have changed, revealing its true appearance. As the situation worsens, Jigen transports Naruto to him a parallel dimension. The hero of Konoha, however, is not alone; suddenly the shadow of the Hokage appears at his side. The historical duo of the Leaf are ready to fight in the recap of Boruto 204.

Comparing the anime and manga shared on Twitter by user AbdulS17, we can see how much the frames of the episode are very similar to the cartoons of the work. However, if you look at the details, it becomes clear that the illustrations in the manga decidedly more accurate and full of details compared to the scenes in the episode.

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