In Naruto, dojutsu, aka eye art, had already taken its toll. Byakugan and Sharingan have been the focus of several storylines, most notably the second involving the effects of the Mangekyo Sharingan. With the continuation of the manga and theArrival of Borutomany others were introduced.

How many are there Eye limbs from Naruto and Boruto? Let's count these abilities by referring to all that have appeared in the manga so far, that is, not counting powers that have only appeared in anime fillers or non-canon films.

  • It starts with the Byakuganthe White Eye, owned by the Hyuga clan and descended directly from the Hermit of the Six Ways;
  • the Sharingan It is surely Naruto's most famous and most used dojutsu. Owned by the Uchiha clan, it is known for its premonition and illusion abilities, as well as the ability to evolve into the Mangekyo Sharingan.
  • the Rinnegan It is the most powerful eye art that appeared in Naruto and it is the one peculiar to the hermit of the six ways. There is a further development of this, the gutter sharingan; which allows activation of the infinite Tsukuyomi and can only be used in certain situations;
  • the Tenseigan is the dojutsu introduced in the Naruto the Last movie, which can be obtained when an otsutsuki implants a byakugan of a member of the Hyuga clan;
  • the jogan It is the first eye ability that appeared in Boruto. At the moment, the Jogan has more secrets than anything else;
  • the Dojutsu by Isshiki Otsutsuki It is another ability from Boruto's manga and is currently in Kawaki's possession. This ability allows you to vary the size of any object or its owner thanks to the use of techniques such as Sukunahikona, and is currently unnamed;
  • the senrigan after all, it is Eida's own ability and allows the user to see past and present from the moment of his birth to the present moment in any location;

Surely some of them will be explored throughout the Boruto manga. What arouses your curiosity the most?

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