When Kawaki tried his way and the Seventh Hokage reorganized the forces of the Leaf Village, the Kara organization lost no time. Jigen still recovers his exhausted strength at the end of the fight with Naruto and Sasuke, but sends two of his subordinates on a mission. Here is the meeting of the Kara in Boruto 210.

Despite close encounters with Jigen and Boro, and before that with Delta, Naruto is still not clear about what the ultimate goal of the Kara organization is. In that regard, the leaders of Konoha are sending out two of their best shinobi in one Espionage mission. Konohamaru and Sai have to break into Boro’s secret facility where his cult dreamed of the infinite Tsukuyomi.

Meanwhile, Jigen entrusts a mission to the remaining interiors as well. The commander of the Kara organization is still unable to move, but aware of Sasuke Uchiha’s abilities, he entrusts Code with the task of guard the ten tails. Meanwhile, Delta informs the others that Boro was killed and that there is no trace of the Hokage. At the end of the meeting, the blond-haired cyborg goes to the Boro base to wreak havoc.

The meeting between Jigen, Code and Delta makes a huge difference to what happened on the pages of the manga. In Chapter 45where the meeting is taking place only jigen and code discuss what to do; Delta is actually absent.

Konohamaru and Sai also discover this in the course of the episode Delta is still alive. In the manga, however, Naruto only later discovers that the mighty cyborg is still alive. In the meantime, let’s delve into the strange connection between Kawaki and Boruto, from bitter rivals to brothers.

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