It was announced that Boku no Hero Academia the film: Mission of the World Heroes, the third feature film in the animated franchise of Boku is not a hero academy (My hero academy), grossed around 1.6 billion yen ($ 14.62 million) in Japanese theaters just ten days after it was released on August 6. The film has sold more than 1.28 million tickets and has fallen from second to third place in the weekly earnings ranking.

Boku is not a hero academy

The film grossed around 940 million yen ($ 8.51 million) in the first four days, beating the previous film in the franchise. Boku no Hero Academia the film: Heroes: Rising, up 200.2% over the same period. The film is on the verge of becoming the most successful in the entire franchise as the second film maintains that position at just 1.79 billion yen ($ 16.2 million) throughout its showing time.

Production team

  • Kenji Nagasaki is responsible for directing the feature film in the studios BONE.
  • Yousuke Kuroda is responsible for writing and monitoring the scripts.
  • Yoshihiko umakoshi is responsible for character design under the supervision of Kohei Horikoshi.
  • Yuki hayashi is responsible for composing the soundtrack.
  • The band Asian kung fu generation plays the title track entitled "Empathy".

Boku no Hero Academia the Movie: World Heroes' Mission Synopsis

In the history of the film, a mysterious organization devoted to annihilating people with quirks launched a threat and planted bombs all over the world. Professional heroes and heroes in hero training rush to find the bombs. Deku, Bakugo and Todoroki meet and they eventually work with Rody (voiced by Ryō Yoshizawa), a boy who lives in a motor home in his designated area of ​​Oseon.

Source: ANN

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