The fight between the leaf village and the Kara organization continues. After the absurd fight between Naruto and Sasuke against Jigen, this time it is the new generation of Konoha ninja who start the attack. Here are the differences between theEpisode 206 of Boruto and chapters 40-41 of the manga.

At the end of the previous episode, Boruto and Kawaki, by uniting the forces of their karma, had managed to open an interdimensional portal to rush to the rescue of the Seventh Hokage. Arrived in the mysterious parallel dimension, the ninjas of Team 7 stumbled upon their team more difficult challenge.

As ordered by Jigen, Boro was waiting for her, placed in this mysterious place to protect the "coffin" in which Naruto was imprisoned. The energetic of the Kara organization, who pursues the infinite Tsukuyomi, possesses a monstrous power as well as a regenerative factor that enables him to survive every blow.

The members of Team 7 and Kawaki use what they learned during the last phase of training and cannot scratch his absolute defense. boron he gets up every time he falls to the ground.

As we can see from the comparison between episode 206 of the Boruto anime and the Chapters 40 and 41 of the manga, the differences between the two versions are almost minimal. However, what started the controversy in fandom is the treatment reserved for Sarada. In the manga, it is the young Uchiha who identifies the virus, and not Mitsuki as is the case in the anime. In the animated adaptation, too, he rolls a huge boulder towards Boro, but in the paper version it wasn't exactly like that; the Uchiha lifts the rock with its brutal strength and throws it at the enemy. Why hide his power and his intellect? Some fans have even accused Studio Pierrot of sexism.

Episode 206 was marked by the debut of the new opening and ending, who is this mysterious character? Here is the preview of Boruto 207.

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