In the care of the Seventh Hokage, who now regards him as one of Konoha's sons, Kawaki has almost managed to get rid of his past. However, the darkness seems to have returned: in Boruto 198 The fight between the Kara organization and the leaf village has finally begun.

Determined to bring the ship back to Kara base and tired of waiting for news from Kashin Koji, Delta fly over the walls of Konoha, guarded by Ino's sensory team, and rushes to the training ground where Boruto and Kawaki tried to uncover the secrets of the Karma Seal.

However, before they can proceed with their mission, the Kara intern confront the seventh Hokagewho now regards Kawaki as his godson. In episode 198, a much more difficult fight than expected has started.

Delta's body is a real war machine. Fully covered with Ninja Science Toolsis able to absorb any jutsu just by looking at it, stretching the lower limbs, firing powerful laser beams and controlling the entire area with a drone that acts as a third eye. Even Naruto, the strongest shinobi of all time, is in trouble around him.

As we can see in the pictures at the end of the article, the Seventh Hokage releases some of its strongest punches, like the Rasengan, but no jutsu seems to have any impact on Delta. In fact, Naruto is forced to use one of his most secretive techniques, the Rasenshuriken washes. Even so, the antagonist is not even scratched and, in response, pierces the seventh's upper body with a monstrous kick.

How will this fight end, is Delta really as unbeatable as it seems? The episode 198 of Boruto fits the events that took place in the Chapters 31 and 32 of the manga. From the facial expressions to the movements to the jutsu, the anime manages to video everything that is broadcast from the cartoons. Here is the comparison between Boruto 197 and Chapter 30 of the manga.

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