There fourth season of Castlevania, recently published on the Netflix catalog, brings to an end the adventure of Trevor Belmont, Sypha and Alucard, a final journey that has led to the discovery of many secrets and great surprises.

In the early stages of this final season, reference is made to the Grim Reaper during a battle in which Trevor and Shypa faced yet another supernatural threat. As Belmont explains, death is an elemental force that is actually a physical being it feeds on death Like vampires, humans feed on human blood in order to survive.

Varney, a vampire featured this fourth season, is apparently none other than death itself. L 'Target of the grim reaper is to bring Dracula back to life so that the vampire can kill people again and feed on their deaths.

In the course of Castlevania 4, Death pulls the strings in the background for bring Dracula back to life and create a new force as powerful as the Vampire King. But will he have successfully completed his mission? Or did the protagonists manage to stop his starved plan?

Here are all the details from Castlevania 4 revealed during an interview with the executive producer. The final season of Castlevania was written by Warren Ellis.

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