The last appointment with the series written and drawn by Tabata, Black clover, focused on the relevant consequences of the intense and spectacular clash between Noelle Silva and Vanica Zogratis and on the appearance of an extremely fearsome enemy, the demon Megicula. Chapter 299, available on Manga Plus, marked a point of no going back.

By title "The sound of the endβ€œThe chapter, consisting of only eleven tablets, opens with glorious words from Megicula, who is sure of her victory, and illustrates the young Noelle a number of reasons why she should give up. The decaying world spell surrounds the entire battlefieldand no one can save her now, since she is left without the powers derived from Holy Rank. As Noelle's anger grows, the guard Gaja, brutally hit by the demon who has now become Princess Lolopecha, tries to block her with the technology Pulsaranta to overcome it and go towards the megicula.

Recalling that six months earlier he could not stop the attack by Vanica and Megicula and thereby condemned his princess to a curse, Yeah he is now driven by the desire to be a true guardian. Convinced that he can save Lolopecha, Gaja suggests demon thinking.I won't let them kill you"And flaunts theApocalypra Astrauzawhich is impossible even for the demon to block.

Keep in mind that Black Clover has exceeded 16 million copies sold, and we'll leave you to a discussion about the magic Megicula uses.

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