Yuki Tabata has decided to end the war in the Kingdom of Swords on a grand scale and is reserving one of the biggest and most unexpected twists in the entire series Black clover for the recent clash between Zenon Zogratis and Yuno Grinberryall, the deputy captain of the Golden Dawn, who has already shown impressive resilience on the battlefield.

The spectacular table, which showed him with two grimoires, impressed many passionate readers of the series, and in chapter 309 available on the website and in the Manga Plus application, Tabata somehow explained Yuno's new abilities. The new date begins with Zenon, who has since become a demon, surprised by the presence of two grimoires near the enemy just before Yuno hits him himself.

On the following pages we discover that the royal family of the Kingdom of Swords possesses a unique magic that has been passed on from generation to generation and inherited from Prince Yuno: Star magic. Yuno remains realistic in the face of Zenon's power and knows that only with these skills he cannot defeat him, so he asks bell To collect energy in him, a request that the wind spirit gladly accepts.

The deputy captain manages to defend Langris and Finral, who have been severely tested by the battle, thanks to two techniques. The first is Star Magic: Quartiles Scutumwith which he succeeds in repelling the attacks of the Zogratis, e Quartile: Hasta with which it is possible to penetrate enemy defenses. Confident of the newfound hereditary power, Yuno promises to prove that he has not made unnecessary promises, while Zeno seems increasingly eager to kill her.

The two begin with the attack and the chapter ends with a wonderful table where weapons cross and again the eternal war between good and bad resounds.

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