To always stay at the top you always have to have new stimuli, and that's what he's been trying for fifty years Weekly shonen jump. Despite being a commercial magazine, it managed to bring manga that made history and brought a good dose of innovation to its ranks. And it looks like it wants to go the same way in 2021.

Towards the end of the year, Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine and its editorial team started an interview that was broadcast on television. While some of the editors, ONE PIECE in particular, have made various comments about the following projects, the magazine's bosses have released an indiscretion about what readers will find in 2021.

Hiroyuki Nakano, the current managing editor, announced this A big manga will arrive in Weekly Shonen Jump in 2021. It is not known whether or not this story was penned by an already known author, but apparently an important name will come along, along with many other series that Nakano thinks are very interesting.

In short, it seems so Weekly Shonen Jump wants to start one in 2021 with all the ingredients after the finale of several major series in recent months.

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