The Kage mainly have bureaucratic tasks. In peacetime there are still tricky situations to solve, but mostly the strongest ninja in the village is stuck behind the desk passing maps, deciding missions and managing forces. This situation was often seen in Naruto with the Third and Fifth Hokage.

Tsunade assumed the role of leader of the Leaf Village after the death of Hiruzen Sarutobi, at a time when the village needed to be rebuilt due to the war waged by the forces of the Sand Village and the Village of Sound. Naruto witnessed the woman take overNephew of Hashirama Senju and he always saw her behind the desk giving him various missions even during Naruto: Shippuden.

But in the last part of the story she also enters the field. Tsunade goes to war in this cosplay manufactured by Le Atlas. The medicine nin finally leaves her desk and stands among the trees and mountains, ready to unleash her chakra-enhanced power. With Katsuyu at her back, she is also ready to heal any wounds she has sustained. Do you think he can take on this Madara Uchiha cosplay? The next step will be to activate her seal, like in this Tsunade cosplay with Byakugo.

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