There is cosplay and cosplay. Very often fans make amateur copies of their heroes and show themselves with similar, but not identical, clothes and inexpensive wigs. Then there are those who live that passion in other ways, get employed and sometimes even hand-craft the various products that serve to impersonate character.

The most popular, of course, are the latter because of their almost professional nature, but even the former genre, when done in a certain context, can attract the sympathies of the internet world. The current case concerns a Cosplay on the theme of Naruto went viral thanks to the Chinese platform Tik Tok.

In the video below we see two little Naruto and Sasukeaccompanied by an adult Kakashi strolling the streets of an Asian city. The two children occasionally turn around to watch who is filming them and this gives us the opportunity to observe their delicate disguise between little Naruto’s orange dress and little Sasuke’s blue dress.

The two also have a kunai in hand while is by their side Kakashi with the usual blue jumpsuit and a green jonin jacket. The cosplay video was very much appreciated on the internet. What do you think? For another hit of nostalgia there is also a cosplay from Team 7. Did you know that the Naruto anime changed the lives of many fans?

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