Scandal in Taipei: A cosplayer wears no underwear and has her picture taken

Within some events there are only certain rules for Cosplayer to which they must submit to avoid penalties and controversy that the organizers do not want. A two-day event in Taipei caused a stir in the media after a cosplayer purposely avoided wearing underwear for promotional purposes.

If in certain cases the abuses in Japan that cosplayers suffer from from time to time make headlines, in other circumstances the latter will do everything possible to get people to speak about themselves in front of public opinion. Such is the case with a model who broke the law during a two-day anime and manga event in Taipei Public Morality Laws and the rules of the event by deliberately not wearing their underwear and lifting their skirt multiple times to encourage photographers to approach.

As mentioned above, the organizers had also prepared rules and guidelines for cosplayers through a representative picture that you can admire at the end of the news. These restrictions were introduced in 2012 when a Japanese cosplayer decided to do so Take off your skirt to increase sales of your goods. However, these provisions only apply inside the rooms rented by the organizers and not outside these rooms. Thanks to the joint work with the police, the cosplayer in question was identified and reported to the authorities.

In addition, the girl who is more of a model than a cospayer has become Subject of criticism from the cosplay community who warned them not to contaminate this sector. As for you, what do you think of this scandal instead? Let us know what you think with a comment below. But speaking of controversy, did you see what happened to that Sasha cosplayer from Attack of the Giants?

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