It's been available on for about a month Netflix the anime Record of Ragnarok, which mixes religions and cults of all kinds and from all over the world and puts the most famous gods face to face with the most powerful people. We have therefore already seen many historical personalities and the most important gods in public.

In the audience he has already enchanted Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty, who was undoubtedly caricatured by Ajichika, but nevertheless attractively drawn. However, the popularity of this deity, not at the center of the Record of Ragnarok clashes, has expanded to include the numerous Aphrodite cosplays that have surfaced online in recent weeks.

As time goes on, some are suggested that will become more and more viral. In the last few days it was the American model Kristen Lanae to propose to her Aphrodite cosplay became very popular among his followers. In the photo below we can admire another version of the deity, with the usual long blonde hair adorned with some flowers and a very thin white dress.

There are also the two men who made Aphrodite into a meme from Record of Ragnarok. The photo reached over 25,000 likes, which testifies that this character draws a lot of audiences.

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