In recent years, the isekai genre has conquered large parts of the Japanese market, thanks in particular to light novels. As with any type, there are products that are valid and others that are not. Re: Zero - Starting Life in Another World falls into the first category.

Tappei Nagatsuki began publishing this long line of light novels in 2014, flanked by illustrator Shinichiro Otsuka. 27 volumes plus spin-offs and much more have been published under the label MF Bunko J by Media Factory. The success of the light novels, of course, enabled the production of a popular animation adaptation, which is available on Crunchyroll. From here it is Re: Zero's notoriety has grownwhich led to the renewal and broadcast of a second season.

As with any anime and manga that is gaining some success, a universe of themed cosplay begins to flourish on the net. Two iconic characters from Re: Zero are the ones Twins Ram and Rem, one with reddish hair and the other with blue hair. Both disguised as waitresses, they step into the story in Arc 2, where they will also take on important roles.

Elara Dark cosplayer joined Tenevi Hagane to create one Double cosplay from Ram and Remas seen in the photo below. Did you know Re: Zero could last eight seasons?

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