ONE PIECE: Yamato in a great apprentice cosplay

In the manga ONE PIECE More and more characters are introduced and eventually a fan does justice to one of the newest additions with a cosplay. Let's look at the interpretation of trainees as Yamato.

Among the many characters featured in the Wano saga, Yamato it is one of the ones that caused the most sensation. Emperor Kaido's daughter is determined to slip into the role of Oden Kozuki and must save his son Momonosuke by rebelling against his own father, which shows great determination in the final chapters of ONE PIECE.

Although one of the newest heroes featured in the work, Yamato is the fan Trainees he promptly posted on his Instagram profile Your own cosplay dedicated to the newcomer who is already very much loved by fans.

The girl wears a dress in a seemingly traditional Japanese style that characterizes the entire narrative arc of Wano, the white upper part of which leaves the shoulders uncovered. Also noteworthy are the red horns, chains, and large club that set the character apart.

There are many the girls of the manga by Eiichiro Oda In order to be interpreted in the most diverse cosplay, I would particularly like to remember the most recent one, dedicated to Boa Hancock from ONE PIECE, and this cosplay from Giada Robin in the role of Nico Robin, always from ONE PIECE.

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