If during the rides in the East Blue and the first part of the Rotta Maggiore there was a good choice of clothing for the Mugiwara, with the Time warp from ONE PIECE Eiichiro Oda has allowed himself a lot. A change of clothes took place on each island, but sometimes several times for the same island, which greatly changed the appearance of the crew members.

The first change was important. Upon arrival in the mangroves of the Sabaody Archipelago, where the crew had been separated two years earlier due to the intervention of Bear Bartholomew, the characters seemed to have changed a lot. there The ONE PIECE Star Crew has grown and therefore there can have been no physical changes.

Nami was one of the biggest buzzers and wore much more revealing dresses, limited to a swimsuit top and low-rise jeans. Cosplayer Candylion decided to photograph Nami in a photo but also create one fully costumed Nami cosplay, and then replaced the jeans with panties to match the top. The photos below take Nami to the beach, near the sea, her natural environment.

Here it is instead in one of its latest forms in this Nami kunoichi a Wano cosplay.

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