ONE PIECE: Nami becomes beautiful and elegant in awesomi cosplay

Nami after the jump in time in a swimsuit? Or rather the first one with a white and blue shirt? It doesn't matter how she is dressed Cat thief from ONE PIECE always manages to fascinate fans. And Oda has given us the opportunity to admire it in different ways, which is not often the case with manga, where the protagonists usually always have the same outfit.

Given his talents as a thief, he stole our hearts and now our eyes with various cosplay. The models who dedicate themselves to the disguise with the co-star of ONE PIECE Now they are multiplying visibly, but luckily they can represent more variations of the same character.

Awesomi decided to focus on a newer and little-known version of Nami than the classic post-timeskip version with a green bikini and low jeans. We're talking about the version of Zou, the island that moves in the world's oceans where Nami exchanged views with Wanda. The orange-haired girl presented herself with a long purple dress that was closed by some laces and left her thighs and breasts in sight. The whole thing was then adorned with a few pearl necklaces on the head and arms.

Awesomi did just that Nami from Zou cosplayas you can see in the different photos below. How about A PIECE of thematic creation? Or do you prefer the one with alabasta nami?

Now officially dedicated to Nami, the official wedding dresses arrive, with the pirate before a long merchandising.

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This is probably Nami's favorite outfit, really elegant and chic. What's your favorite nami outfit guys 📷 @kattleinad (follow her, she is amazing !!! ❤️) Nami of mine 🍊 #cosplay #cosplaygirl #cosplayersofinstagram #anime #onepiece #manga #sggp #nami #namicosplay #onepiececosplay #sexy

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Reality of the tangerine princess 🍊 How has your quarantine been so far? 📷 @kattleinad ❤️❤️❤️ Nami von mir ✨ #cosplay #cosplaygirl #cosplayersofinstagram #anime #onepiece #onepiececosplay #namicosplay #nami #manga #sexy #sggp

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