Now the Nami who is well etched into everyone's mind is the one seen in the post time skip. After the events of Marineford, in ONE PIECE there was a time jump of two years, which affected not only the strength of the crew, but also the appearance of the various components. Some more, some less, have changed clothes, hair and some facial features.

For Nami, it was all about wearing her hair much longer than before and only dressing in a bikini and jeans. However, this clothing has changed several times at ONE PIECE, as Nami often changed wardrobe and clothing to better align with each saga's main influence. This desire to change clothes a lot was there before the flashback, and how can you forget the Nami of Alabasta.

To approximate the climate and arabesque tones of the series, Nami accessorised in roomy white pants and a blue top that smells of Arabic. Livi made one Cosplay of Nami from Alabasta, as can be seen in the photo below. Apparently, despite the change of clothes, he never sheds his log pose, useful to get to the final island of ONE PIECE, while also striking is the striking blue pinwheel tattoo on his left arm.

Very mild in this photo while the same cannot be said in the stormy Nami Asatanel cosplay.

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