Archived the Enies lobby saga, which brought with it the entry into the Franky crew and the consolidation of the status of Nico Robin among the Mugiwara, the protagonist crew of ONE PIECE crossed the Florian Triangle where they came across Thriller Bark, the ship island of Gecko Moria, one of the members of the Fleet of Seven.

The dark island, hidden in the fog, was a cave of everything that reminded of the horror world: zombies, mad scientists, patched Frankenstein monsters and even ghosts. From the latter is the Queen is Peronawho ate the devil fruit Horo Horo and was only defeated by Usopp's enormous pessimism. In a very special challenge, the pink-haired girl was beaten for her fears and then unexpectedly returned to Kuraigaina, where she met Zoro and Mihawk.

It has been some time since their last appearance on ONE PIECE, but the fans certainly do not forget them, thanks in part to the continuous performances that they portray and are published on the net. Therefore the Perona's cosplay from ONE PIECE posted on Reddit sparked a spark among the readers of the subs, also thanks to an excellent interpretation by CarryKey.

Jun has also done a phantasmagoric Perona cosplay in the past few weeks, demonstrating the grim pirate's skills.

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