the The world of My Hero Academia is changing tremendously, with villains and heroes on the shields and not just in Japan. While the situation in the archipelago is more difficult due to the mass escapes prepared by All for One, the rest of the world also suffers from the underworld.

So there is great anticipation for the events of My Hero Academia 329, the chapter arriving on October 10, 2021 MangaPlus and weekly shonen jump. Will the featured heroes return or will we see other characters in action? As fans theorize about upcoming events, there are those who wanted to reproduce the last page of My Hero Academia 328 in color, which includes the presentation of Star and Stripes, the number one heroine of the United States of America.

there All Might US Alumni is available in color in the work of Hexamendle, which, of course, includes the colors of the flag of the United States, which, among other things, inspired the name of the heroine. According to his version, the cloak and part of the torso are white and red, part of the bodice is blue, while she has blonde hair that is very reminiscent of All Mights, even for some fluttering tufts. There are also some stars on the uniform. What do you think of this version of the new heroine from My Hero Academia?

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