The Straw Hat crew grew in membership as Luffy explored the various islands. First in Ostblau, then in Rotta Maggiore: The group of protagonists of ONE PIECE has expanded to include important and strong members. In the past, someone was a real antagonist like Archaeologist Nico Robin.

Ohara survivor Nico Robin will use her skills to seek protection from the baroque works of Crocodile, a hostile organization owned by Luffy and his companions. He makes his first appearance during the Whiskey Peak Saga, to get an important role in alabasta.

In these early stages, Nico Robin wore a purple lace top, cowboy-style hat, and short skirt, often accompanied by a chunky white coat. The cosplayer Shermie wanted shoot this Nico Robin with a cosplay. So let's take a look at the archaeologist at dawn, at the time of her first appearance in ONE PIECE, in the photo below, which has already fascinated many followers.

Over time, Nico Robin has opened up more and more to the rest of his companions, especially after the events of Water Seven and Enie's Lobby, and has become the irreplaceable member of the Mugiwara we know today in ONE PIECE.

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