A well-known Japanese leaker shared the comments of Nobuhiro Takenaka, Director of the Animation Department Cygames pictures, in relation to the future of the animated franchise of Uma Musume: Nice derby.

Β«Back in the day, the animation department wasn't very important to headquarters, and the focus was on the video game production department. Recently, however, the animation department has gained more trust from managers. Still, please do not put video game production aside. That's because I want us to keep producing most of the seasons of the anime as long as the game goes on. I want to be able to meet the expectations of fans of the franchiseΒ».

The second season aired in Japan during the winter season 2021 (January-March), while the distribution license is in the hands of the platform. Crunchyroll. On the other hand, Uma Musume: Nice derby is a multimedia franchise of Cygames. A smartphone game should be released for iOS and Android devices in 2018. However, it was postponed and released in Japan on February 24th.

Synopsis of Uma Musume Pretty Derby

In a world like ours, the great racehorses of the past had the opportunity to be reborn as β€œuma musume”, girls with the ears and tail of a horse but who also count on their speed and stamina. The best of these girls have the privilege of studying at the Tracen Academy in Tokyo, hoping to achieve fame and fortune as runners and idols. Special Week, a little town girl horse that has just moved to Tracen, is determined to keep her promise to her mother to be the best girl horse in Japan.

Fountain: Ryokutya

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