From the Wano saga and some of Eiichiro Oda's statements, it was clear that a new member would join the Mugiwara. The crew of ONE PIECE's protagonists would have further expanded with another character long thought to be Carrot and instead with the arrival in Onigashima Another reality has emerged.

Kaido's daughter Yamato has stepped forward to join Luffy's crew. Throughout the war he fought alongside the protagonists of ONE PIECE and asserted herself by breaking free from the influence of her hated father. Now Yamato is even more determined to become a Mugiwara, but we have to wait for a reply from Luffy. We'll have to wait a few more weeks before we properly know the future of the character, who has since captured the hearts of the public.

Although it's a new introduction to the saga, ONE PIECE fans did honored Yamato with various cosplays. One of the last to make waves on the web was that of Ninjadeelee, with the model wearing Yamato's white dress and adding horns, maces and other items to look very much like her. The result is really great as you can see in the photos attached to the post below.

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