In this case, the classic female co-star was among the first characters that the Mangaka Masashi Kishimoto inserted in Naruto Sakura Haruno. Although the pink-haired girl is a love interest of the protagonist, she only has eyes for Sasuke and badly ignores or insults the poor blonde ninja.

Over time, however, Sakura will move closer and closer to Naruto and see him as a responsible and trustworthy person, culminating in one of the most famous manga sagas when Sasuke disappears and asks the protagonist to bring him back to the village. . After the leap in time that brings us in Naruto ShippudenThe girl appears changed and matured in the body, but not in character, while the friend of team 7 is considered more.

After two years, Sakura always shows up with her short pink hair and red Konoha ninja headband tied to her head. She is wearing a sleeveless red jacket with a zipper in the middle and dark shorts under a kind of beige skirt. There Cosplayer Shirogane-sama decided to dedicate a disguise to this version of the Leaf Ninja. You can see this below Sakura Haruno cosplay With a lot of pose and kunai in the hands, which makes it really very loyal to the manga counterpart.

The Naruto manga was available on MangaPlus for the corona virus, while a Naruto character leads us back to the beginning of the series.

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I'm going to do some new Naruto shoots this summer. This is still my favorite anime, so I have a lot of Naruto cosplay plans. So guess who. Wig from @holish_cosplay costume from @someonefromrussia Ph: @ and @jkyle_ph #sakura #sakuracosplay #sakuraharuno # sakuraharuno๐ŸŒธ #sakuraharunocosplay #naruto #narutocosplay #narutoshippu #njaplayaroshinud #njaplayarosin

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