That Uzumaki clan has been in the shadows since the early days of Naruto manga and anime. The only well-known exponent was the protagonist, son of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki. It wasn’t until the most advanced stages of Naruto: Shippuden that the existence of this clan, dating back to ancient times, was actually revealed.

Former residents of Vortex Village, members of this clan possess very powerful chakra and are particularly adept at sealing techniques. For this, thanks to a strong alliance and cooperation with the Leaf Village, they were chosen to be the carrying powers of the Nine-Tailed Fox when Kurama was still invincible. Long before Naruto the The bearer of the Kyuubi was Mito Uzumakinext to Kushina one of the few known clan members.

She was also the wife of the First Hokage and took part in the fight against Madara Uchiha, which shows great courage, a sense of responsibility and a fighting spirit, as well as a spirit of sacrifice. Cosplayer Izanamitan pays homage to this historical Naruto character in this Mito Uzumaki cosplay really well done and with an almost mystical charmwith her elegantly styled red hair and lots of photo effects.

Clan Vortex Country aside, who were the strongest clans in Konoha?

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