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Warning! This review on Kamisama ni Natta Hi Chapter four contains spoilers. If you haven't seen the episode yet, I recommend watching it and then going back to read the review.

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# 4 The day of the fight

Kamisama ni Natta Hi Chapter 4 begins with the advances in the study of the physicist Korogi. Meanwhile, Youta has the chance to meet Tenga Kako, a lawyer he is a fan of, all thanks to Hina. Your chance is in a mahjong competition organized by the lawyer. Youta follows Hina's instructions and knows nothing about the game. She bravely takes part in the competition, breaks various rules, but ultimately wins. In the end, it turns out that her meeting with Kako is a failure because he rejects her. We only have 13 days before the end of the world.

The investigation continues

The story continues to maintain a light tone, the comedy is distinguished by seriousness. Underneath, however, it continues to boil down a subplot that could bring the drama to this story. The appearance of a particular hacker started an investigation, or perhaps we could call it a prosecution. The person who is in the middle of it all is a physicist. It seems their investigation has something the CEO is desperately looking for. As the young albino points out, data can be erased and even destroyed, but employees' memories are not as lucky. Based on this principle, Dr. Asada has become a key piece in recreating Korogi's movements.

It's hard to know exactly what the Korogi CEO is looking for. It is clear that it is a technology. It's just not clear if it's something dangerous or priceless. Perhaps it is the latter, because from Asada's words we can imagine that Korogi is someone with domestic inclinations. From the works revealed and even the philosophical conversations presented by Asada, I think we are facing some kind of AI. Perhaps Korogi really managed to get closer to quantifying love. Certainly the theory of happiness is not an easy subject, there are a considerable number of obstacles to such an investigation, but it is not something that is completely impossible.

In general, we can say that we continue to walk in the haze on this issue. Korogi's investigation will be key, at least it will keep us thinking. Which only leads me to believe that Hachiman University could play a key role in all of this conundrum as well. In fact, it makes me think that Hina's "omniscience" is related to what Dr. Korogi does. Asada's somewhat elusive demeanor could also suggest that he knows more than he is revealing.

Hina's game

Let's talk about Hina's plan on a less dense topic. After Hina learns that Youta admires attorney Tenga Kako, she does her part by giving him the opportunity to get to know her. It is no surprise that Hina stood out and won the online mahjong final. While the self-proclaimed deity is pretty innocent, it is also true that he has an incredible ability to predict outcomes. All of Hina's genius led to Youta, a total newcomer to the game, positioning herself as the winner.

I don't want to explain the Mahjong rules in detail, after all, I don't think it's necessary. It doesn't take a master of the game to understand that everything Youta did during the game is completely against the rules. It is true that I am collecting points and forcing them to go their own way, but that was only possible thanks to the freedom of play that this game brought with it. If he had played a traditional game, bankruptcy was the only thing awaiting him, as it did in the first two rounds before harnessing the script's super power.

In the end, Youta just made up plays and rules, which made Kako interested in him because of his originality. Obviously, this was all part of Hina's plan, this little girl gave him the opportunity on a silver platter to climb the adult stairs with her idol, and Youta wasted it. At this point, I don't know if to say that he was a man to respect his unrequited love for Izanami, or that he actually lacked the manhood to take the opportunity with Kako, as hard to see. Anyway, Youta refused Kako and couldn't even celebrate his victory with Izanami, nothing goes right for him. Surely this rejection will mark the lawyer and I imagine that her interest in Youta will not go away and will only escalate, we shall see.

Final comment

Kamisama ni Natta Hi Chapter four was a pretty funny episode, apart from the first few minutes before it opened, it was all full of laughter and strange clues. I'm not a seasoned mahjong player but I know the basics so I can assure you that the jokes made don't take much shit to make them understand. Though it wouldn't hurt to have a little clue about the game. But in general I can assure you that the episode was very light, the tension is still not felt, one wonders, is there anything to worry about?

Before I finish, I just want to say that I really enjoyed Youta's mahjong game. While I can't say I understood 100% of her, I was quite amused that she used ONE tactic and everyone played along. I have to say that while Youta claims not to believe in Hina's powers, she really trusts her advice. Despite her alleged skepticism, Youta doesn't doubt Hina's words as she sets her plans in motion, not only during this game but in her previous plans as well. I won't stop saying, this duo are very funny and I love the chemistry they have, I like the interaction they deal with.

So far I've left the usual questions on the review: What did you think of this chapter? Did you understand everything about the game of mahjong? What are you looking for from Dr. Korogi? In the next chapter we will have a new approach to Izanami. This time Hina will try to reunite the young woman with her father. We will see what will happen.

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