On Halloween night, children all over the world dress up as zombies, vampires or mummies. Wrestling star Jade Cargill did it differently: Here is her entry into the ring as a rabbit heroine of My hero academy, Mirko!

Professional athlete and fitness model Jade Cargill, currently with the Association of AEW rings, Competitor of the most famous WWE, arrived at the stadium where she would soon be showing off her muscles in a My Hero Academia cosplay.

As you can see in the photos taken at the promotional event for her appearance on AEW Rampage, wrestler Cargill attempted to take on the shape of theHeroine rabbit Mirkowho, according to Kohei Horikoshi, will be one of the great protagonists of the sixth season of My Hero Academia.

Jade Cargill has proven itself a perfect Mirko, both in the poses and the posture adopted as well as in the physical appearance. In fact, just like the protagonist of My Hero Academia, Jade also has a remarkable physique, flaunted by a double biceps to touch the bunny ears.

Do you think Mirko is better than Megan Thee Stallion, an American rapper known for her passion for hero?

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