At the end of the last animated season of My hero academiaAmong the numerous featured professional heroes, we met Hawks. Let's see together the cosplay that a fan dedicated to her.

The winged hero is in the manga by Kohei Horikoshi from the third to the second place in the ranking of the best defenders of peace, previous number one in the rankings after All Might withdrew. At the end of the last animated part of the story Hawks and Endeavor They fought together against a nomu, discovering numerous traits of each other and not only showing viewers their incredible powers, but also making them aware of the differences between the two candidates who in the past were closest to replacing the role belonged to Toshinori Yagi, from Symbol of peace.

The gifted boy of the Quirk Ali impetuosity became the subject of the great cosplay from CraftyFox39. We can observe the wonderful interpretation of the girl in the Instagram post published at the end of this news. Like hero number two, the girl also shows herself with blonde hair, headphones and the characteristic coat, which is surrounded by fur on the edges. The most incredible element, however, is the enormous red wings fitted with a mechanism This allows the cosplayer to use them however they want, perfectly imitating the young defender of justice.

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Finally, I remember the manga My Hero Accademia is currently suspended. For those interested, I will also report on the dire conditions of the professional heroes of My Hero Academia.

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