THE My Hero Academia protagonists They literally made the fans fall in love. It is therefore not surprising how many cosplayers are dedicated to the work of Kohei Horikoshi. But this reinterpretation of Shota Aizawa stands out from the rest in a crazy way.

Shota Aizawa, also known by the hero name Eraserhead, stands out and contrasts with his colleagues for its atypical nature. Compared to the colorful and always smiling All Might, for example, Aizawa is a dark and almost seedy hero.

Despite his introverted nature, Eraserhead still won the hearts of fans, captured by his stealth and cunning. Aizawa is too a key figure for the growth of the UA Academy's grade 1-A students, as well as crucial to several important missions thanks to its quirk that can override the skills of others

Cosplayer @ akemi101xoxo reinterpreted the character in a very specific way. The female version of Eraserhead it's provocative and explosivegiven the rather tight costume. With this look, Eraserhead would definitely jump to the top of the Top 10 Pro Heroes list. If you loved this cosplay, then don't miss out on this creepy version of Mirko from My Hero Academia. Waiting for Chapter 285, Bakugo feeds the doubts of My Hero Academia fans.

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Oh, looks like Aizawa Sensei caught you laying down ... 😨🖤 (📷: @square_noodles). . . . . #myheroacademia #myheroacademiacosplay #aizawa #aizawacosplay #eraserhead

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