My Hero Academia: Dabi’s true identity is revealed in a terrifying cosplay

The last chapter of My hero academia set the stage for big changes for the character of Endeavor, the entire Todoroki family, and possibly the Hero Society, which was directly affected by the special revelations Dabi made. The villain has actually revealed himself to be the abandoned son of the current number 1.

Many fans of Horikoshi's works had speculated that Dabi was actually more related to Shoto than expected, and according to recent events, they were right. However, it is a devastating blow to societywho could easily lose faith in the heroes after learning about Endeavor's behavior towards their children.

Dabi's terrible plan, aka Toya Todoroki, to destroy his father's reputation and overthrow the structure of heroic society seems to have been completely successful, thanks in part to Skeptic for making it happen simultaneously broadcast a recorded film nationwide by Villain himself. To pay homage to such an interesting and profound character, the fan @cahotic_carisma decided to take on his role, but still give him a touch to make him a real Todoroki.

As you can see in the picture at the bottom of the page, Dabi's dark hair has now become predominantly whitelike those of his mother Rei and his brother Shoto. The end result is a perfect homage to Toya, who we know will also be the focus of Chapter 291. Recall that the first trailer for My Hero Academia 5 may be out soon, and we'll leave you 5 secrets about Ochacos Quirk that you may not know.

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A contribution from ใ€Žยท AอŽnอŽnอŽaอŽlอŽiอŽsอŽaอŽ ยทใ€ (@chaotic_charisma)

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