Dabi and Toga joined the Villains' Union, inspired by the gestures of the Hero Killer Stain, and quickly became two of the favorite antagonists of fans of My hero academia. As evidence of this, two Japanese cosplayers paid homage to the villains.

Although we are part of the same criminal group, we have never seen anything in the course of Kohei Horikoshi's work Dabi and Himiko Toga work together on a mission or just exchanging views. That trend was eventually reversed by cosplayers @rinrindoll and @gabcosplay who beautifully portrayed the two villains.

Though diametrically opposed, Dabi and Toga are i two major protagonists of the current arc Narration of the manga from My Hero Academia. The former revealed his true identity and past while ruining the reputation of two of the best Pro Heroes, Endeavor and Hawks. The second, however, competed against Uraraka and emphasized the more truthful side of her psyche.

In this cosplay, however, Dabi and Toga work together Wreak havoc in society of heroes. The two Japanese cosplayers have enlivened the collaboration between two of the franchise's most beloved characters in a wonderful photo book depicting them in action. And what do you think of this interpretation? Would you like to see the two villains work together in the manga too? In the meantime, there may be news about My Hero Academia 5 soon. We also admire this Tamaki cosplay from My Hero Academia.

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