My Hero Academia is a manga set in the real world. Kohei Horikoshi has chosen not to create an entirely fantastic universe like peers of the caliber of Masashi Kishimoto or Eiichiro Oda, but to infuse that touch of fantastical powers into our local base. And so there are quirks on the earth as we know it.

These powers allow characters to harness special abilities such as elemental control, creation, physical buffs, and more. the The world of My Hero Academia still remains real and for that, the characters often celebrate according to the various Japanese holidays and local traditions. Therefore, Christmas is also celebrated, especially in the spin-offs and side illustrations or in very special moments of the manga and anime.

The December party brought many cosplayers to create a special variety of characters. For example, Kate Sarkissian, a well-known American cosplayer, decided to review one of the work's most controversial characters, the explosive Bakugo. In a red colored hero costume as seen in the photo, this one female Bakugo cosplay but in a Christmas version it has a mixture of elements. By pairing Horikoshi's design with holiday-themed accessories - for example, looking at using mistletoe instead of a mask - the cosplayer created a unique shot.

This photo once again underlines the passion and creativity of those who work in this field My Hero Academia style cosplay. Did you like it? Or do you prefer a classic Bakugo cosplay ready to blow up anything in front of you?

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