The world of My hero academy has shown so many professional heroes over time. Of course, the most common characters have appeared who have the most to do with 1-A students, including professors and mentors. Then follow key characters in the top 10 Japanese superheroes.

However, at the beginning of the manga we saw the appearance of another heroine who made history and then returned to the game several times, though not often fighting the villains, but mostly for comic book sketches and jokes that are also included in the extras of the Volume. It's about Mountain lady, aka Yu Takeyama, a heroine of My Hero Academia who is able to change her height from normal from 162 centimeters to over 20 meters in active Eigenart.

Often times, thanks to a very tight suit and some special poses designed by Horikoshi, the character has been the center of the fantasies of some My Hero Academia fans. For this, Mount Lady was also portrayed in the world of cosplay, with many girls dressed in their beige-purple overalls. Today we present the Mount Lady Cosplay, in which the heroine is in one of the classic poses made by Enji night. Below is the photo that has already exceeded 40,000 likes on Instagram.

Don't miss the cosplay of the heroine Mirko, but not even the cosplay of the villain Himiko Toga.

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