In her own way, Himiko Toga is a cheerful and cheerful girl, but, unfortunately, her happiness is not shared by those around her. As so often in the world of My hero academyquirk clearly affects a boy or girl's personality and causes him to adopt behaviors that very often go beyond common sense.

And with a quirk that allows her to transform with blood, inevitably Himiko Toga is fascinated by this liquid which can only be extracted using methods that are not comfortable for the victim. Toga's past has therefore been littered with episodes of self-suppression or full venting of her quirk, and this has led to her becoming one of the most prominent My Hero Academia villains of late, also due to her rivalry with the heroine of the story, Ochako Uraraka.

Alice, a cosplayer, had previously played Toga in a particular cosplay with Uraraka, where the two were friends. But in this new take, the villain is once again what he always was, a person who aims to suck the blood of the unfortunate people he meets. And she does it with a rogue look and the famous mask that covers a large part of her face. This The villain Himiko Toga cosplay therefore embodies the character of My Hero Academia well.

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