We're used to seeing our favorite characters with well-made and fulfilling cosplays. For example, My Hero Academia is one of the manga and anime that attracts the attention of fans the most. In fact, we saw the adorable Camie Utsushimi as well as the wealthy Momo Yaoyorozu.

And that's exactly what we're concentrating on Momo Yaoyorozu today, but in a completely different version than usual. The girl, beautiful and curvilinear, was the protagonist of a Low Hero Cost Cosplay themed My Hero Academia. And who could do it if not our Lonelyman?

Below we see the new photo of brilliant cosplay inventor with this Momo Yaoyorozu this probably won't like it like the real one, but it will no doubt manage to get a laugh. With the four photos we see the creation of this atypical disguise, which ranges from the design of the respective hair to the use of a few apples to simulate the costume and the breast as well as a scarf that completes the whole.

The post apparently went viral immediately, garnering over 150,000 likes in less than 24 hours. And you prefer the momo yaoyorozu that we saw My hero academia so far and that we will see again in the next season or this low cost?

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