After watching the second episode of the fifth season of My Hero Academia, we report about it Dedicated to Cosplay Deku, the protagonist of the work, reproduced in a female version by the artist Akakioga.

Find the photos at the bottom of the messages shared on Instagram profile by @akakioga and that shows us the protagonist Izuku Midoriya in a female version and in the classic superhero costume by Deku. Along with the picture is this comment from Akakioga: "I am Izuku Midoriya! If you could get one quirk, which one would you choose? I think I would go for one that would allow me to transform, or that would allow me to control elements like fire or water! It would be so hard to choose! I love the My Hero universe and all the options there are with quirks! I'm a huge fan of anime, with good and bad superheroes, so it's opera Perfect".

His contribution was particularly appreciated by the numerous fans of the work of Kohei Horikoshi, actually received the photo almost two thousand likes and numerous comments in which fans congratulate the cosplayer on being able to recreate the look of the protagonist of anime and manga. Meanwhile, the exact number of episodes of My Hero Academia 5 has been shared.

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A contribution from A-ka-ki-o-ga Cosplay (@akakioga)

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