If readers of the manga's My dress up favorite already knew the story prepared by Shinichi Fukuda who only watches the anime, earlier this year was able to find the sympathy of Marin Kitagawa, a high school girl who is also a great lover of video games, anime, manga and especially cosplay.

A passion that she has been able to continue thanks to Gojo Wakana, classmate and above all able to sew. Thanks to him, Marin can dress up as his various favorite characters. In the first season of My dress up favorite She took on the role of Shizuku Kuroe, then Black Lobelia, briefly as Prisoner Veronica, then Rizu Kyun, and finally as Rei-sama at the school festival.

Marin donned these five outfits in the anime, but there's plenty more room. The animators of My Dress-Up Darling decided to give fans an unedited illustration Marin with a bunny girl cosplay, a bunny with a blue bodice, the same color as the ears, and then the classic fishnet stockings. An unreleased version and surely many would have liked to see that during the episodes.

For those who prefer the real version, here's a cosplay of Marin Kitagawa in a swimsuit and a cosplay of Shizuku-tan from the character's voice actress.

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