My dressing favorite It was undoubtedly one of the animes of the 2022 winter season. The 12 episodes of this project, taken from Fukuda's manga of the same name, impressed everyone, and much of the credit certainly goes to the protagonist Marin. It's no coincidence that Marin Kitagawa has been at the top of the charts for a while.

Its peculiarities are manifold: the High school girl has a very sunny and open personality, proactive and positive. Her way of going about things certainly won over Gojo Wakana, the other protagonist of My Dress-Up Darling, but also the rest of the audience. His smile, which characterizes a large part of the anime, has now also been taken out of the product.

Cosplayer Candylion, in fact, decided to interpret it and post the result on her Instagram account. In a post, he shared these three photos with one Cosplay of Marin Kitagawa smiling, while roaming around town in his very basic but still popular high school uniform. If you like the character itself, you might also like this Marin Cosplay Costume.

Meanwhile, an event for My Dress-Up Darling is looming in September, is a second season for the anime on the horizon?

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