It's been taking a long time, but fans are finally being rewarded with a new animated project, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Is Real. Unveiled in an event dedicated to Jojo with a short teaser, she showed the old protagonists of the previous series and introduced the girl who will play a fundamental role in the current events.

Jolyne Kujo becomes the main character of Stone Ocean, the first woman in the opera. The entire anime will feature a lot of female characters, which is a significant change from previous generations. The news that has arrived over the past few months has delighted fans who have already expressed their love for the animated project.

Inevitably, among these manifestations there are i Jolyne Kujo Cosplay. The protagonist of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean was brought to life with a bunbun cosplay, which can be seen below. The cosplayer wears one of Jolyne's clothes, an electric blue with lines that are reminiscent of cobwebs. The costume ends with the black and green wig, while some special effects have been added around the figure, such as the famous Go Go Go of the typical onomatopoeia by Jojo and the Stone-free stand exploited by heroin.

David Production also opened Stone Ocean's official Instagram account.

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