JoJo's bizarre adventure It is the most famous work of the mangaka Hirohiko Araki. The story is divided into several parts, including the fifth, Vento Aureo, which is set in Italy. Let's see together a fantastic cosplay that combines the main enemy of work with the terrible drawings of Junji Ito.

The manga, which tells the adventures of the Joestar family since 2012, has received numerous animated adaptations from Studio David Production, the last of which is dedicated fifth part the opera with Giorno Giovanna. The latter is a member of the mafia society Passione and wants to conquer the top in order to free Italian cities from drug trafficking. Unfortunately there is disconnect from the ultimate goal devil, the head of the organization who has spent his whole life in hiding and suffers from a split personality.

The interpretation that can be seen in the photo at the end of this message perfectly combines this last villain trait with one of the most terrifying creatures created by the mangaka Junji Ito. She is a succubus protagonist in the story Tomie who appears on one of the pages of the story with a double face. Similarly, the Memo Nemo cosplay also includes Diavolo con two facesand looks a lot more scary.

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Finally, I remember that the biggest event on the theme of Bizarre Adventure by JoJo is coming up, and I will report on news in which it is possible to watch the reproduction of a record by Tonio Trussardi from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

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