At the end of the Greed Island saga, Gon found some new clues to reach his father. In a very distant area, however, another threat began to unfold, the awakening of a creature that possessed theThe main story arc of Hunter x Hunter. The ants began their advance into the world.

The Queen of the Antichimera created three powerful creatures who wished to shoulder the king, meruem, the best villain in Hunter x Hunter and one of the most important in the entire shonen landscape. The first to appear was Neferpitou, a figure with a very feline appearance but with an immense perfidy. It was Neferpitou who caused Kaitou's death in one of the anime and manga's most striking scenes, an event that gave rise to Gon's desire for revenge and his transformation.

Neferpitou will remain loyal to his king to the end and try to knock down his opponent. But let's go back to earlier moments, thanks to Muatori's interpretation, who has chosen to highlight that in some photos Neferpitou Cosplay with his blue jacket, but also while holding the unfortunate Kaitou's head between his legs. What do you think about this Hunter x Hunter Anteater Cosplay?

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